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May Show FAQ

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What is Grand Prix Show Jumping?
The Olympic sport of Grand Prix show jumping has been described as a cross between the thrill of thoroughbred racing and the sheer strength of downhill slalom skiing. Grand Prix show jumping is the most challenging and sophisticated level of jumping competitions; pure athletic competition of the highest order. Horse and rider combine as one to provide a level of excitement that is unmatched in most other sports. Women and men compete as equals. The horse has the power and the rider the control. The horse-and-rider combination must jump fences up to 6’in height and up to 5’wide without dropping a rail and within the time allowed. Jump faults (penalties) are incurred if a rail falls or a horse refuses the jump. Aclear round permits the duo to come back for the final jump-off round, where speed is of the essence. The combination with the fastest time and the fewest jumping faults is the winner.

Show Jumping events are where the world’s top riders,horse aficionados,spectators and celebrities gather for world-class competition and entertainment. Amongst the competitors are Olympic equestrian athletes. Business and political leaders, entertainment superstars, celebrities and international dignitaries participate in and watch the spectacle of horses performing amazing athletic feats.

And Show Hunters?
Hunt seat competitions are based on elegant traditions arising from the foxhunt, where beautifully groomed horses are prized as much for their impeccable manners as their lovely jumping style over fences. Hunters also complete a course over fences, however in this competition they are judged on the style and technical proficiency of the horse and rider within the constraints of the course design. Hunt seat competitors compete on Ponies and Horses, in varies divisions based on age of competitor and height of fences.